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Every day our ZOOM meetings are being held all around the world. There’s sure to be one starting soon…


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Every day our ZOOM meetings are being held all around the world. There’s sure to be one starting soon…


No Gambling To Report

The Rope

It made me feel broken, but no bruises to show.
It’s a hidden addiction.  Many have it and don’t know.
It said “It’s okay.  It won’t be that bad…
Surely you’ll get lucky and not be so sad”.
However, it’s malicious and told me a lie,
So evil indeed that it wants me to die.
Round and round… in circles I spin,
Thinking “It’ll be okay… I just need a big win!”
So much time I’ve wasted, often in such despair,
And got more money to feed it, as it wants me kept there.

I looked for some help and what did I see?
Such warm welcome faces listening to me.
They spoke of the journey, their experience and hope,
Showed me a programme… they threw me a rope.
I’ve clung to that rope with all of my might,
Taking a day at a time, or even a night.

By a grateful, anonymous compulsive gambler in recovery.

Every day our ZOOM meetings are being held all around the world. There’s sure to be one starting soon…
Our Mission

Gamblers, Family and Friends In Recovery (GFFR) was born out of the need to support compulsive gamblers, and families and friends affected by someone’s gambling, who are no longer able to attend face-to-face meetings during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our current mission is to provide a resource in finding online meetings efficiently. Additionally, since many of the traditional conventions that recovering gamblers attend have been cancelled for the immediate future, our group decided that an online convention with speakers, workshops and virtual meetings could be an exciting new vehicle for compulsive gamblers to get support and connect worldwide.

On 27 June 2020 we held our first international online convention with much positive acclamation received from participants.

We also host an archive so that this can be a resource for audio recordings of speakers and workshops;  primarily those from the June 2020 convention.

We have no interest in replacing or being in conflict with any of the great organisations that currently support compulsive gamblers and their families and friends. Our goal is to support the great work that worldwide programs already achieve.

On 27 June 2020 we proudly held
The International Unity Convention for Compulsive Gamblers and their Families and Friends
A Worldwide ZOOM Convention
14 Hours – 5 Continents – Over 100 Workshops
I wish I was different
I wish I was different
My brain is wired wrong
Wired for compulsion, obsession, fanaticism
I fall hard for cards
Fascinated, infatuated, consumed
A smitten kitten of desire for nothing but the numbing agent that is gambling
Devoted to it, gripped by it, spellbound by this mistress
Hypnotized by her void into the unknown
The highs and lows, riveted, mesmerized, she ties me up in knots
I am her captive, her slave, her imprisoned soul
Devoted to avoiding a life that is no longer whole
Letting her have the reins, I am no longer in control

I numbly submit and observe
Looking for that next hit, that next high it’s absurd
Betting bigger and bigger
It’s never enough
An Empty, shallow, meaningless bluff
Always left wanting, desiring, craving
Am I not worthy of saving?
She’s a hungry ghost that never seems to rest
She occupies, devours, consumes until there is nothing left
But hopelessness, crisis, shame and regret.

Patricia M,
September 12, 2020.


Am I cured of gambling?
Recovered but not cured.
That presents a conflict to me.

If I was cured,
I would be able to gamble responsibly.
No, I am not cured.

The allergic reaction to gambling,
Will remain with me for a lifetime. 
But I have been restored to sanity.

That was the problem.
The main problem of the gambling remains,
in my mind, rather than in the body.

I am now sane where gambling is concerned.
Consequently, I have recovered.

Thomas M.

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