International Unity Convention for Compulsive Gamblers and their Families and Friends

Our Convention has now closed but our Unity lives on.
What an Incredible Day!

We are so pleased to be able to start publishing recordings of shares, meetings and workshops from the 2020 convention.  We’ve been going through a robust checking process and that’s taking a little time so we thank you for your patience.

Now, we proudly present, for your listening pleasure and for your RECOVERY …

Recordings from the 2020 Convention

2020 Convention Recordings
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Thank you all. Brilliant shares. Recovery taken to another level. Pravesh B

(South Africa)Still in awe of this memorable convention from the opening speakers to the variety of workshops and heart felt closing. So grateful for being able to witness the Level of dedication and hard work it took to make a vision happen with a.variety of members world wide that stepped up to the plate and participated in carrying the message supporting our primary purpose During Covid. Thank you To those that worked endlessly on committees and Zooms between mtgs, busy work schedules, to make it happen, creating one of the most amazing zoom conventions with GA members and Gamanon’s . Thank you thank you 🙏🏼 l will never forget the experience and powerful feeling of unity And fellowship that we were given Through this convention and still talking about for years to come! With deep gratitude, love and respect, Hope

thank you all for all you do I’m only just of over a week in an doing great thanks be to God I am getting a lot from it I’m Johnny an I’m a compulsive gambler and recovery🕊

What a beautiful first testimony ! Thank you 🌸

A truly amazing event, that I could never have imagined previously. I have been to many conventions, all powerful, emotional and inspiring events, but this was on another level, and to be able to share those experiences with such a wide range of people across the globe all at the same time was fantastic. It has triggered further open and honest discussions within our family unit and the growth and recovery has been boosted for us all. Working with a magnificent team of people – and oddly, not one cross word, all able to discuss proposals and differing opinions, able to reach a consensus easily. It was a pleasure to be of service and support the delivery of this wonderful event. With particular thanks to Mark for creating such a wonderful website in which to capture all of this. Bev N.

This is very powerful especially for me who is in and out of the gambling rooms.

Kathy from South Africa – what a stunning share. You inspired me and dug out so many of my deep hidden emotions. Thank you. Shaun S Singapore

My first online convention for a formerly hopeless gambler! What a tremendous and far-reaching success! I am most grateful to Frank S. and the other organizers who made this possible. I attended 9 hours of meetings and was deeply blessed. The serenity I found in the meditation meeting, the knowledge I gained during the step study with Mark L., and the inspiration of being a part of something so much greater than me, in the world-wide scope of these meetings, the fellowship and strength that I found in the family forum, discussing emotions, the fun of sharing music, art, poetry and prose, the awe and wonder I felt to be part of closing ceremonies helping me to walk in the footsteps of those who came before me, and from so many different worldwide meetings brought new understanding, a renewed commitment to making a difference in my part of the world, and a deep peace and love for all of you, Thank you again for being a part of my recovery! Lucy T

What a great day – amazing organisation from the committee; great workshops; wonderful recoveries; a fantastic convention and looking forward to hearing some more of the workshops once they are uploaded. A huge thank you to everyone. Angela

It was a pleasure participating this convention. Can’t wait to hear the recordings.

Thankyou to everyone involved, this organisation is saving peoples lives, long live GA

A few days have passed since the convention and when I know something has had a significant impact, it frequently comes up in my mind. This has made an indelible impact and one that in reflection will stay with me for some time. Thank you to all those who had a part in making the convention a resounding success. Ray S (Sydney)

A massive thank you to the organisers. The effort that must have gone into this was incredible. This was my first convention and the online version worked so well. Thanks to Bev for asking me to present and to Allen for asking me to speak at the closing ceremony for Gam Anon UK. A very humbling experience and one that I hope is repeated in the future. Well done to all involved. Regards Steve

I want to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation not only to those that helped to make this event possible but also to the hundreds and hundreds of brothers , sisters family members and friends that participated in every room. I learned so much and feel deeply connected to all of you. Robert G. Los Angeles , Ca.

Just to thanks for all the people who put so much hard work and effort in to making this wonderful day happen, my gratitude is unmeasurable for this wonderful fellowship, thank you All

Should happen every year people. If not for ourselves then for the newcomer to show them how the disease does not discriminate language, race, sexuality, gender, age or background. We are not alone. Thank you to the organisers and to our own Andy D. Lisa H from Australia.

Becoming a link in the International Chain of Recovery has been a true blessing. Cant wait for the next conference.

I want to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation not only to those that helped to make this event possible but also to the hundreds and hundreds of brothers , sisters family members and friends that participated in every room. I learned so much and feel deeply connected to all of you. Robert G. Los Angeles , Ca.

Hello I’m sorry I missed this yesterday 😔 by the time I remembered and tapped into it, it was over….however I’m grateful to be part of this site now and to tap into the WhatsApp group chat….my name is Edna O and I’m a compulsive gambler my last bet was on July 8th 2015 and I’m from Vancouver BC 🇨🇦

Thank you so much everyone, The convention was amazing. The shares and the passion from all oozed out of everyone from the first word till the last. The team behind this event should be so proud. Look forward to hearing the recordings . All the best. David ( scotland)

This was Recovery & Unity in Action, not just words. Hugo V. Grateful Compulsive Gambler, forever in Recovery!!!

Amazing shares and stories!! Thank you for all. Jake F. I’m a compulsive gambler 5/17/18

Amazing , mind blowing , full of humility and grateful , thank you xxx

Amazing shares
I lasted from start to finish🙏 Thanks to coffee and cold showers.
I don’t want to mention individuals because everything I heard was fantastic
Can’t wait to listen to everything I didn’t attend
Loads of hard work paid off ❤️🙏
Shaun from singapore

Many thanks to the Women & Men who have done an amazing job in putting this fantastic international zoom convention together. It has been a privilege to see/hear/share with many other gamblers in recovery., Colin A

To the person who wants a copy of Founder Phil’s obituary from the Sydney Morning Herald (and anyone else who wants a copy) just send an email to and I will send a copy. Andy


Glad to hear a remote area meeting is up and running. If anyone is interested in a men only meeting or an LGBT meeting please let me know ( I will not be involved but will forward your details to those who are. Andy D

Great conference learned good information. Howard R San Diego

What a fantastic convention. I felt like a kid in a candy store with some many events occurring at one time. Took me back to the first time I went to Disneyland and wanting to get on every ride and see everything without waiting in long lines. Today, was truly a once in a lifetime event that I will never forget.

I am so grateful to be part of this event and for all the efforts of those that contributed. This was truly a worldwide effort involving members from many continents. Over 200 workshops, speakers, and therapy meetings involving scores of willing participants that created an atmosphere for hundreds to enjoy and celebrate our recovery. I am looking forward to the hundreds of hours the recordings that were made and providing times for us to reflect and share with others. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Don A, a grateful compulsive gambler in recovery ❤️

I am new to GA, and I have a long way to go, the conference gave me hope. Maybe one day I will be a normal person. Only a higher power and support will take me along the new path. CP Australia

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Probably not what the organisers want to hear – when is the next one? Ive woke up this morning still on a high from everything I heard and experienced. Mel

Thanks to all who contributed to today – was superb and if we could have anonymised audio therapies linked to the website permanently I think it would be a great way for people to get an extra boost of medicine whilst watering the garden, commuting or whatever. Could also help people who find the website but are not ready to enter a room, as they can hear shared experience and know they are not the only ones. Great effort all. Thank you JFT

What a great day. Thanks to everyone from the 4 corners of the world for organising and making this an unbelievable experience. As Douglas W from Edinburgh used to say you can do anything in this life as long as you don’t gamble. Love and God Bless Marlene and Bill xxx.

Been a fantastic experience very emotional and uplifting great to be part of a family of

Thank you to all who organised and took part in such an amazing worldwide event. Jacqui Glasgow Monday Gam Anon.

Programme agenda looked amazing. Very professionally done and a lot of effort put in. Credit to everyone involved. I could only get in and out briefly of some sessions as my connectivity was terrible. We had heavy rain all weekend in Ireland and rural areas have poor connectivity. God bless ye all and hope to attend next year when hopefully connectivity will be back to normal. Paul.

I have attended the opening and 3 workshops today and I must say they have all been brilliant. The sharing that has taken place has been emotional and given so much support. A massive thank you to all those who organised this amazing event. I look forward to the closing ceremonies. Thank you, Liz (Belfast Gamanon)

Thank you to all the organisers for this convention. Its been fantastic. Hope you all stay well and safe. I’m coming off now to hot in our kitchen. Hope to see some fellow ga members next week. Just to you all jftwsng, Matt h

This has proved beyond any doubt the usefulness of the idea. It would be a great shame if the impetus and ability to share across the world was now packaged up and put in a box…… We have shown we can do this, but more importantly we have shown that we can share across the whole world and both help each other and acknowledge our strengths. Brilliant!!!!!!

I am looking forward to the dinner dance.. That is where I met Karen in New York lol

Amazing day, Thank you everyone. Been on here since 8am and still gripped at 6.15pm… Welldone to all and lovely to see you all. Nick A – Beaconsfield

I’m at the Workshop “How Big is Your Ego?” (-.-)’ I Need to remind myself Daily: My Ego is NOT my Amigo Sandra!!! -Sandra M US— (1,318 Days Today)

Based on the discussion from the workshop “THE DIFFICULTIES FOR THOSE IN REMOTE AREAS” a new Zoom meeting is planned to start. Great things are happening in this Convention. Amazing shares from people who won this dreadful addiction. Really helpful for a newcomer like me in my recovery. Thanks everyone who put their efforts for this convention -Wesley from India

This has been a wonderful way for us all to connect and share our experiences. The most important thing that I’ve been reminded off is the need to feel included by family and friends, ;not to feel alone nor to be alone. Thank you for the powerful, honest contributions. Joyce

Finally managed to connect and well worth the patience. Thank you all. Now….what time does the dinner/dance start?

Great way to wake up, congrats to all the people that provided service and participated in this amazing event. Victor S. Los Angeles

Thanks so much, it’s amazing to see so many people embracing recovery and the positive effects that, one day at a time, can lead to so much contentment and gratitude in our lives. Dave T, Cork, Ireland

I have to say that at times you can get a bit ‘stale’ and insular in your own f2f meetings…. this has been a real invigorator and shows how we can reach out and support all with minimal effort…. this needs to continue as a project, Roger

Welcome to the greatest tool for recovery. I thank you all for making it happen. Not an easy task. gary s USA

Serenity is a key. Right now mine is being tested as I can get this far but can’t download app to enter meeting. Well, so pleased it’s happening for everyone who is on here. Love to all. Chris Coventry

Do you think it would be possible to receive an electronical copy from the sydney morning post which was refferred by Andy D during his therapy?

My name is Crystal S. from USA, I am completely blown away at the amazing content I am getting to share in today! Thank you to all who participated to make this happen! Maybe next convention we could do something( and i would be happy to speak on, because I know first hand) on beating multiple addictions (gambling, alcohol, smoking, eating, and shopping), starting with Gambling. I know this is all about gambling, but I feel it could lead to helping more people than just gamblers since there are so many of us who are cross addicted. I think it would get lots of attention.

Good day all.. SUCH an awesome initiative.. Not everyone can afford to attend an international conference.. Even when things get back to normal.. We should have conference like this on social media.. At least once a year.. RAJ G. GA SOUTH AFRICA

Was at the opening ceremony and the 2 speakers were amazing the 2 G.A. speakers were very emotional and powerful. The Gam on Speaker from Ireland was so powerful that everytime i here a Gam- on speaker it reminds me what i put me mother, father, brother and sister through. Then when i got married the hurt and pain that i put my wife and children through no wonder they kicked me into touch. Going through the 12 Steps for the first time 4 years ago i have got me oldest daughter back in my life then 18 months ago i got my youngest daught back in my life after 18 years. Thank you so much G.A. and the 12 Steps Recovery Program., Tommy C Coatbridge Tuesday

Really fantastic start to all of this……

Shout out to Paul K for getting me to be doing 2 talks today… Should be a fantastic few hours 💪

Utterly amazing the work that has gone on to get to this, huge respect to all who contributed up to this point. Build it and they will come….. Roger

Looking forward to it, Steve C. California

Wonderful to see this , and thank god for gamblers anonymous for giving me my life back . Great website , Great set up . Hope everyone has a great Day . Sean H

The website is amazing. Easy to use. I can get on at any point to find the ne t meeting. I’m not sure who All put it together, but fantastic job. See you at opening ceremonies. Diane W arizona.

I’d just like to day a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has got us to this point, and also to those who are speaking, delivering workshops and hosting meetings. I wish everyone a fantastic day of unity and recovery! Mark M