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Note: If you can’t find a meeting that was previously listed, there’s a good chance that the group is no longer meeting via Zoom and they have resumed physical room meetings.  There may be another reason but that’s usually the main one. 
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Montreal, Canada

Meeting starts in 1 day(s) 16 hour(s) 44 minute(s)

Download RingCentral (same as zoom)

Zoom ID5144846666 | Group Info: Canada : THURSDAY, 7:30PM to 9:00PM | Mtg Ref:Z220

Recovery Road Online: Restoring Sanity – USA

Meeting starts in 1 day(s) 17 hour(s) 44 minute(s)

For more info see:

Zoom ID430092101 | Local Group Info: THURSDAY, 08:30PM to 09:30PM

Salt Lake City, Utah

Meeting starts in 1 day(s) 18 hour(s) 44 minute(s)

Thurs night in SLC, Fri AM in UK

Zoom ID87145308739 | Group Info: USA : THURSDAY, 7:30PM to 9:00PM | Mtg Ref:Z230


The database that feeds this meeting search was developed from the generous contributions of Nick T, Phil S, Adam Y and Jeff S, as well as the additional help of Caroline M, Mark S and Karen M.  They have been responsible for creating and/or maintaining the data from the beginning.

A special thanks to all of you for your service and dedication.